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How To Liver Cleanse

The Beginning To A Healthy Body


Why Cleanse Your Liver?

A Liver Cleanse can be thought of as a tune up for the human body especially the liver. It starts with a good organic and raw juice cleanse followed up with a 3 day liver cleanse. Cleansing pioneers Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen and V. E. Irons laid the foundation for all of us to build a solid structure of health. At GOOD Cleansing, we have been using their techniques for 26 years and our clients have experienced amazing results. Our founder Dr. Davis the author of GOOD HEALTH, The Comprehensive Guide to a Better Lifestyle.

Toxins and acidity weaken your body and debilitate your health. Liver cleansing is the starting point in creating a healthy body and the ideal body weight. In fact, the AMA states that cancer can only develop in a body having a pH level of less than 6.9. Cleansing is the single most beneficial aid for improving your health. An added benefit of cleansing is that most clients report losing 5-10 lbs. with juicing alone, and more when herbal cleansing is combined with a juice cleanse.

There are two methods of cleansing: juices and herbs. Both of these used together produce the best results. Most toxins are collected in the mucous layers lining the walls of colon. The blood is fed by the  bowel and the blood feeds your entire body. If the bowel is toxic then the entire body becomes toxic. We always recommend using the organic cleansing herbs along with the pressed juices. The cleansing herbs are specially designed to soften and dislodge this hardened mucus from the walls of the colon. Toxins weaken our body causing a multitude of health problems. Most people take better care of theirs cars, with regular tune-ups or maintenance, than they take care of their bodies. Cleansing can be tiring, but this is usually followed by experiencing a vast amount of energy upon completion. In order to restore, regain, or revitalize your health, cleansing and detoxifying is a must.




Cleansing the organs

This is actually the initial question which usually pops into people's minds. In fact, most people I talk to have never even heard about the concept of "juice cleansing", "colon cleansing" or "liver cleansing".

I actually was the first in line to bring this to the populace with my infomerical (2002) and it is actually much more known today than it was 15 years, but i am still surprised that the great majority of men and women have never heard of this process.

In answer to the question, there are several excellent reasons to develop a reputable juice cleanse and liver cleanse that works. Cleanse Thy Liv-er!

A Liver Cleanse will:

Improve your immunity
Detoxify your digestive organs
Reduce and eliminate harmful toxins
Eliminate mucus plaque
Control constipation
Help you look and feel younger
Ease in reaching your ideal body weight

Cause Of Aging

     Dr. V.E. Irons, a bowel specialist said, “A toxic liver and colon has everything to do with premature aging.”  According to Dr. Irons, old age begins in the liver and colon the more diseased and toxic a person’s colon is, the more quickly he or she will age.  Furthermore, Dr. Irons states that a toxic liver can rob a person of his youth, deplete his energy supply, and advance him rapidly on the road to old age.

     It is well documented that the effectiveness of the immune system peaks at puberty and gradually declines thereafter with advance in age.  A strong immune system is your body's most important defense against germs and toxins.  White cells engulf and destroy potential pests such as bacteria and viruses.   In addition, they also manufacture antibodies, the "soldiers" that patrol the bloodstream, attacking and disarming any substance they don't recognize as the body's own.

     The deterioration of the immune system has been identified by researchers as the primary cause of aging.  As the immune system becomes less efficient with time, fewer antibodies are produced, increasing your infection risk. What's more, the body may turn on itself by producing antibodies that destroy its own tissue. When that happens, autoimmune disease, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, is the result.


A Toxic Liver

How come 200 million people overweight? There are many factors that help the pandemic of overweight and unhealthy weight but the major cause is a toxic and sluggish Liver. Evidence does suggest that obesity is not a simple problem of will power or self-control but a complex disorder including appetite regulation and energy metabolism that is associated with a variety of co-existing conditions. A major factor and root cause to overweight and weight loss is a toxic and sluggish liver. The core and starting point is to clean the liver first and foremost.

Although the cause is not strongly established, genetic, metabolic, biochemical, cultural and psychosocial factors also lead to obesity. Individuals may become obese or overweight partly because they have a hereditary or biologic predisposition to get weight readily. In most cases, the increasing occurrence of overweight and unhealthy weight reflects within society and behaviors in the last 20 to 30 years is due to the Liver no functioning properly. This affects the metabolism and the fats no breaking down efficiently. The unfortunate part of this is the fact our wealthy country is so poor when diet and health are considered.

A clogged colon is what causes your appetite in the first place because you must eat massive quantities of food in order to obtain the necessary nutrients.   This is because the mucous plaque build up inhibits the absorption of nutrients.  This will, of course make it difficult to lose the weight in the first place.  Even if you decide to “eat healthy,” the problem is that the best diet choices in the world will not make one bit of difference if your colon is too clogged to absorb the nutrients you are ingesting.  According to N.W. Walker, Ph.D., who was a leading authority of health and wellness, “The best diet is no better than the worst diet if you don’t cleanse the colon properly.”    Finally, you will only gain the weight back immediately when you resume regular eating habits.  The first step to losing weight is to cleanse your colon.  Otherwise, don’t bother with it at all because you will only become frustrated.

Think about this.  Generations in the past did not have junk food readily available to them such as potato chips, French fries, and candy.  Even when I was a kid, we did not have the candy available that is on the market today.  Walk into any warehouse store like Costco and the amount of sugar just inside the door is nothing short of astounding.  Our ancestors ate foods that were more easily digested by the human digestive tract – fruits, nuts, berries, whole grains, seeds, and free range, game meat.  Generally, milk products were not available on a steady basis.  Not only was obesity not an issue in the past, but other digestive diseases such as hemorrhoids and IBS were unheard of.  However, studies have shown that in the past, the average number of calories consumed per person per day was actually greater than it is today!  Why the difference?  Being overweight is the result of an unhealthy diet more so than over-eating.


So Why Cleanse?

A cleanse will help you detoxify, drop weight (7 -15 lbs on average) , restore on the cellular level and bring out your skin's natural glow back as you once had as a child. It's a great way to revitalize your health and kickstart creating a new you. With our fast-paced lifestyles, we frequently eat what's on hand making it hard to stay healthy.

Most of the time, this means foods that are processed and made with inflammatory ingredients like white flour, preservatives, saturated fats and white sugar. Cleansing the liver and digestive tract is the perfect way to give your body the break it.

Sound, certified-organic, quality produce made into fresh juices delivers a vast amount of nutrients and live enzymes into your blood stream within minutes. This is the most important part of doing a juice cleanse. The quality of the product is vital and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Whether you are looking to cleanse your Liver and Gallbladder, lose weight, eliminate toxins, cleanse your digestive tract, look and feel great or have health issues to overcome, juice cleansing is the powerful remedy!

With the  Transformational  Cleanse,  your body has the opportunity to eliminate toxins, dead cells and other foreign matter that weaken the immune system. Fresh, raw, cold-pressed juices provide a vast amount of live enzymes and natural vitamins to facilitate your successful journey to optimum health.

Organic herbs loosen and bind to toxins and remove them from your system naturally.The Transformational Cleanse along with our organic cleansing herbs are a powerful combination.

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