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What does HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization), gently pasteurized or flash pasteurized mean?

Why you should be concerned.

HPP, gently pasteurized or flash pasteurized is a form of pasteurization that utilizes high pressure to reduce the microbial content both good and bad in juice.  ALL juice wholesaled to , spas, grocery stores, and gyms are required to be pasteurized – including cold-pressed juice.  This one of President Clinton’s worst bills he put into law while in office. This law made almost impossible to buy raw juices for the last 20 years.

“Raw” cold-pressed juice that has been HPP processed is not allowed to be referred to as fresh or raw.  Now days it seems the only place to get cold-pressed, organic and raw juice is online and even then you have to ask the juice company if they use HPP or any other type of pasteurization? In fact, we researched the more popular juice companies and found you have to read deep into their foot links to find that they pasteurize their product. This is very deceiving on they part and because they project the image that they product is fresh and raw. GOOD CLEANSING.COM sells the good stuff!

HPP  (High Pressure Pasteurization) machine

Why we don’t pasteurize?

At GOOD CLEANSING, we’re passionate about the juicing lifestyle, drinking juice for the health benefits.  Juice that is fresh, raw and pressed from organic produce will be more nutrient dense.  All forms Pasteurization cold or heated heats juice and though experts report HPP retains nutrients, the extension of a juice’s shelf-life beyond three days drastically affects the nutritional value of the juice as many of the nutrients are not shelf stable.

It doesn’t take a bio major to know that any type of pressure creates heat.  This kills the life force in the juice. Antioxidant, enzyme and vitamin content degrade as juice is allowed to sit.  The result of purchasing high-pressure processed juice?  Paying a premium for juice that may or may not be organic… and certainly isn’t fresh.  If you are going to juice cleanse for 3, 5 or 7 days then you better be sure that the juices you purchase are organic and raw because this is your food for each day and the purpose of these raw juices is to delivery nutrients, enzymes and life force to your cells that replaces solid foods.

What you need to know.

HPP does not preserve or “lock-in” the nutrients. Though some companies are marketing HPP as the current trendy alternative to pasteurization, the bottom line is that this juice isn’t fresh and is not going to be as nutrient dense as fresh, unprocessed juice. The FDA doesn’t require companies to tell you they utilize HPP and all wholesaled cold-pressed juice is required to be pasteurized.

Who uses HPP?

Suja, Blueprint Cleanse, Juice So Good, Starbucks’ brand – Evolution Fresh, Forager Project, Pressed Juicery and many others HPP their juice.  Know that there are many juice bars (including the ones mentioned) that utilize HPP.

We wrote this article because we want to educate you

A lot of people are drinking cold-pressed juice for health reasons believing that all cold-pressed juice is the same. Though HPP retains some (but not all) of the nutrients, nutrients are not preserved or “locked-in” and degrade quickly as they do in fresh juice. Furthermore, high pressure creates heat and changes the enzyme and protein structure.

When drinking juice for cleansing, cold-pressed juice is the gold standard when the juice is fresh, organic and consumed within 5 days of being pressed.

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