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Juice Cleansing Saved My Life

In 1994, I was diagJuice Cleanse Foundernosed with Breast Cancer and Skin Cancer at the same time! What a blow it was to me for I was in perfect shape, a professional runner and cyclist. I thought I was in the best possible health and little did I know I was not.

I left the doctors office knowing I was not going to do traditional radical chemo or radiation treatment.  3 years earlier I watched my grandmother die quickly after using this treatment and I had made a choice then it was something I would never consider.

So, I was lucky enough to know a distant friend who had healed myself of Liver Cancer and went to see him immediately. He guided me to juice Cleansing and Cleansing herbs.  I cleansed every 3 weeks for about 4 months.  On the 4th day of my first cleanse something amazing happened to me, I had woke up that day knowing I was going to be just fine! It was the most incredible feeling ever!

During the 4 month period I had changed my diet, rented a house in the mountains and released all my stress. I did not work and read many self healing books that changed the way I thought about the health of my body. I did deplete all my saving but I saved my Life and obviously was worth every penny.

Since then I have help thousands of people help themselves heal their health issues. We have been conditioned for years to think that the health of our bodies is too difficult to figure out for ourselves. All you need in the right knowledge on how to heal your health problems and create a healthy body.

I can honestly say that Cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me! I have not been sick since and feel I was never again as long as I continue to eat clean and juice cleanse periodically. It’s that simply. Medicine did not make me sick and it will not heal me. Cleaning out the years of toxins, sludge form the gut and eating clean gives the body the opportunity to correct itself.

Dr  Davis


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