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Juice or Herbs?

Cleansing can be thought of as a tune up for the human body. Juicing and cleansing pioneers Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen and V. E. Irons laid the foundation for all of us to build a solid structure of health. At GOOD Cleansing, we have been using their techniques for 25 years and our clients have experienced amazing results.Toxins and acidity weaken your body and debilitate your health. In fact, the AMA states that cancer can only develop in a body having a pH level of less than 6.9. Cleansing is the single most beneficial aid for improving your health. An added benefit of cleansing is that most clients report losing 5-10 lbs. with juicing alone, and more when herbal cleansing is combined with a juice cleanse.

There are two methods of cleansing: juices and herbs. Both of these used together produce the best results. Most toxins are collected in the mucous layers lining the walls of colon. The blood is fed by the  bowel and the blood feeds your entire body. If the bowel is toxic then the entire body becomes toxic. We always recommend using the organic cleansing herbs along with the pressed juices. The herbs are specially designed to soften and dislodge this hardened mucus from the walls of the colon. Toxins weaken our body causing a multitude of health problems. Most people take better care of theirs cars, with regular tune-ups or maintenance, than they take care of their bodies. Cleansing can be tiring, but this is usually followed by experiencing a vast amount of energy upon completion. In order to restore, regain, or revitalize your health, cleansing and detoxifying is a must.

GOOD juice cleanse programs consists of consuming five bottles of fresh-pressed juices and 1 vegetable broth each day for one, three or five days. Drink one bottle of juice every 2 hours from the time you get up in the morning drinking the veggie broth (hot) last. GOOD Cleanse Program consist of an GOOD mucus eliminator, GOOD super greens, and a GOOD parasite eliminator which are taken at regular intervals. 

Before your GOOD Cleanse: In preparation for your GOOD cleanse, eat more raw foods, salads, soups, vegetables and fresh juices if available. Omit unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating processed foods before you start your GOOD cleanse. By consuming these toxic substances, you are making the cleansing process more difficult.

During your GOOD Cleanse: Remember to consume your juices at regular intervals. If you are using the herbal products, make sure to use them as directed. Creating a schedule or time table usually helps in keeping your juice consumption or your herbal products consumption on track. Drink pure water throughout the day.

After your GOOD Cleanse: Break your cleanse with soft fruits such as avocados followed by salads, soups and plenty of liquids. Make a commitment to yourself to eat clean and fresh. Avoid toxic substances because you will continue to feel better without them as your health improves.