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KELP – The Super Mineral

For millions of years, rains have washed layer after layer of soil and all other earthly composed materials from all of land, mountains, and hills. All this has gone down to the bottom of the sea, thus giving to the bed of the oceans the most fertile soil in the world.

If you were to eat flesh foods, we would choose fish. As fish feed on the contents of seas and rivers, their flesh naturally contains more elements – minerals and trace elements – than any other flesh.

As for vegetarians, seaweed is one of the most valuable food supplements. Its roots are sometimes as much as 29,000 to 30,000 feet below the surface of the oceans, with tentacles floating to the surface where, with the help of its enzymes and the rays of the sun, it bursts forth into nodules and leaves.

The leaves are known as sea-lettuce and dulse. Dulse is an important additive to meals in Scotland, Ireland and many other nations. In the US and Canada, dulse is used extensively as a dietary health food supplement in the form of dried seaweed leaves. The seaweed with large leaves is usually dried crushed or ground and is used in powdered or granule form as KELP.

Seaweed in any of these varieties is an excellent source of organic iodine, because of the mineral and trace elements which are not readily obtainable in our most common vegetables.

The combination of the earthy elements, soil, and seawater at the bottom of our oceans contain more than 59 of the elements in nature. Thus, we can appreciate the value of seafood to our nutritional programs.seeds cleansing



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