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How to Prepare for a Juice Cleanse

The Biggest Hurdles when Facing a Juice Cleanse

Starting a juice cleanse is a big deal. It’s great that you are taking the proactive measures to ensure your health. When you cut out food from your diet for any period of time it can be taxing on your body. Three of the biggest hurdles that people have when juice cleansing are: Time Management, Regulation, and Cutting of Processed Foods.

facing a juice cleanseSectioning the Time Off – Juicing is an exhausting process. It will sap energy from you, and it is more than likely to affect your patience.

Regulating your System – Regulating your system is difficult because your metabolism will slow down affecting your body before and after the cleanse.

Cutting Processed Foods – Not only are cutting foods a problem, but processed foods can leave a bigger impact on your stomach when you’re juicing.

Getting Started

How to Prepare for a Juice Cleanse

To combat these three problems, we have five solutions.

prepare for the juice cleanseCutting Stimulants – You want to wean off the stimulants at first, but when you are juicing, cut the stimulants entirely. Caffeine and Nicotine will excite the metabolic system which will make you more aware of how hungry you are.

Weaning Hard Foods – In the time before you begin your detox, we suggest minimizing our meal sizes by about 10-15% every day, depending on how often and how much you eat.

Segwaying Fruits and Vegetables – Additionally, you should be cutting your carbs and meats and either increasing or introducing different fruits and vegetables. This will make your body prepared for the juices you’ll be drinking during your cleanse.

Weekend Warrior – If you are going for a three-day close, try and plan it over your weekend. This will let you minimize your interactions during your cleansing, and you can also have some great conversation the next week!

Meditation or Yoga – A great way to maintain yourself during your juicing is to try: meditation, yoga and Tai-chi. Many people see juicing as a spiritual experience, and it might elevate your first cleanse.

Good Cleansing

At Good Cleansing, we are passionate about what we do. We believe in the juicing process completely. We love helping people rid of their bodys toxins, while also helping find themselves an elevated state of health. If you have any questions about the cleansing process, call us today! Also check out of full cleansing guide here!


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