3 Day ORGANIC Intermediate Cleanse – 18 bottles


3 Day ORGANIC Intermediate Cleanse – 18 bottles

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6 juices (16 oz.) each day

Bee PALM – Bee Pollen, Pineapple, Lemon, Apple, Mint
Power Milk – Vanilla Bean, Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, Almonds, Dates
Vitalizer – Cucumber, Pineapple, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger, Mint
Sweet Greens – Cucumber, Pineapple, Parsley, Celery, Apple, Kale
Lemon Kiss – Cucumber, Carrot, Lemon, Apple
Ginger Lemon – Ginger, Lemon

Certified Organic, Raw & Pressed
Designed for the intermediate cleanser who has been acclimated to cleansing process, this program includes 2 more green juices than the Beginner Cleanse, packing more detoxification power into your cleanse.  We have designed our cleanse products using our 25 years of cleansing & detoxification experience so you can be assured that your body has  the best opportunity to eliminate toxins, lose weight and feel rejuvenated. Upon finishing the cleanse you will most likely feel as if you hit the refresh button! Tune up your body today! The average weight loss in 7 -10 lbs in 7 days! 400 calories per 6 juices.

Product Description

Consider The Combo – Cleansing Herbs + Juice Cleanse

Cleansing is intended to eliminate toxins, parasites and years of mucus build up in the small and large intestines, we always recommend using our Cleansing Herbs + Juice Cleanse together for deeper results. Most toxins are accumulated in undigested hardened layers of mucous plaque that feed your blood stream 24 hours per day. Most people are carrying around 5 – 25 pounds of this sludge in their gut. This can also weaken the immune system. It should be your goal to eliminate toxins in order to allow your body to unleash its natural energy.

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Juice Cleanse

5 reviews for 3 Day ORGANIC Intermediate Cleanse – 18 bottles

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    I can’t say enough about how good the fresh juices were, the best I’ve have because the combinations are well designed. So sweet! I did 7 days for I bought extra juice to do this. What a journey of peace, love and happiness. It was a game changer for me and changed the direction of my life for the better. It elevated me to a whole new level of harmony and transformed my health at a higher vibration that taps into the higher self. I recommend it if you want to experience any of this. Peace

  2. :

    Wonderful experience. The juice arrived fresh and were sooo good! It made it easy to get through the day. I’m looking forward to do it again. Highly recommend!

  3. :

    The juice were by far the best quality and taste like natural candy. It was easy because the juices were so much to look forward to. I think next time I would add an extra juice to day. I made my own broth in the evening and this enough to get me through the even. After the fist day it was easier because my stomach adjusted to not eating. Treat yourself to something GOOD.

  4. :

    Nice colors on this one and they tasted like fresh fruits and vegetables. It was easy for me because the juice hit the spot every 2 hours! Must do.

  5. :

    Every juice was delicious and each one seemed better than the last. I lost 7 lbs in 5 days and that make feel like I got my moneys worth. I have about 30 more pounds to lose and I going to keep cleansing every 2 weeks until I get to my normal body weight.

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