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Red Lentil Quinoa

Certified Organic & Gluten Free

16 oz

Red Lentil Quinoa is a fragrant and nourishing soup, seasoned with tantalizing aromatic spices. One cup of red lentils has a protein content of approximately 18 grams, which is comparable to that of meat but they are a healthier source of protein because they contain low levels of fat. In addition, quinoa is an ancient grain that has a high protein content. Another benefit of Red Lentil Quinoa is that it contains fresh leeks, which is one of the best prebiotic food sources. Prebiotic foods are necessary for healthy digestion because they provide a food source to the probiotic organisms living in the gut, which increases their efficiency.
Ingredients: red lentils, quinoa, leeks,, garlic, tomatoes, spices 12 oz. = 10 g protein

All soups have a 10 day shelf life, unless frozen contains no preservatives.