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The Top Five Ingredients for Juice Detoxing

Cleansing or Detoxing?

five ingredients for juice detoxingMany people will often mix up the difference between detox juice and cleansing juices, so we are going to clear that up quick.

Detoxing targets your liver and kidneys and increase your body’s filtration process.

Cleansing targets the digestive tract from the colon and large particles to toxins and parasites.

While each target your body in different ways, we are going to talk about the five most important ingredients for detoxing specifically.

The Best Ingredients for Juice Detoxing

Ginger – First, Ginger is great for any diet, it is a miracle food. Ginger helps open up your body and pores. It will help you with sweating, increase circulation and stimulate digestion. The gingerol and shoga, which are ingredients in ginger, are anti-inflammatories and anti-spasmodic compounds.

juice detoxingLemon – Lemon juices are the closest liquid you can get to resembling the stomach acids in the stomach. These will trick the liver into producing bile which will help the filtration process of the body.

Grapefruit – Similar to Lemons, grapefruits are high acidic drinks that will help produce bile and aid stomach acids. But also, grapefruits are also full of fiber which will help the digestive process (which aids the bile.)

Hemp Seed – Hemp seeds are rich in omega fatty acids which bring balance Ph balance to your body. This is a great pairing for the lemon and grapefruit to ensure you don’t overproduce stomach acids during your juicing cleanse. Additionally, they are also a secondary provider of fiber for your body.

Chia Seed – Finally, Chia seeds offer a great boost of antioxidants and phosphorous which help regulate the body and increase the effectiveness of digestion. In addition to this, it also works with hemp and grapefruit in the addition of fiber to the body.

Good Detoxing

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