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Weight Loss

The Natural Way To Lose Weight

Achieving your proper body weight is easy and yet more than 200 million   people are obese because we   have been tricked, misled, and   lied to by greedy advertisers.   Almost all corporations   advertising on radio, television,   billboards and other forms of   media sell man-made products   because these companies are  only interested in profits. You must not eat these man-made foods because they all contain chemicals that make them indigestible. More importantly, they have no nutritional value because they are dead foods. To achieve ideal weight, your diet should consist of at least 80% fresh fruits and vegetables, especially fresh vegetable juices. Fresh juices should make up about 50% of your daily food. Eliminate all sugar, white flour, dairy products, nicotine, caffeine, soft drinks, alcohol, and salt because these products are dead and have no nutritional value.

First and foremost your body needs an efficient and balanced glandular system. The most critical gland is the thyroid gland. Only proper nourishment and internal cleansing can balance this gland. This is why most weight loss programs come up empty. There is no quick fix, so do not buy into them. When the glandular system is imbalanced the cause in most cases is the thyroid gland. When overstimulated, it secretes high levels of thyroxin producing adipose tissue (fat). Until the thyroid is balanced it is not possible to lose weight effectively. People have been programmed to eat the wrong foods , so realize this and know that you must make the commitment to changing the way you eat and clean out your digestive tract.